Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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  • i am loving being pregnant! when else do you get to have people tend to your needs? especially the hubs. i want a milkshake at 11 pm...he'll get it. buy those two bottles of ranch? he'll do it. he's absolutely amazing.

  • i am loving maternity clothes. i actually own the top two items. maternity leggings are AMAZING. i am glad i invested in a pair. currently they come up to my boobs, but that's okay. they are comfy none the less. the dress is a dress my mother-in-law bought for me. it is so cute and versitile. i pair it with some amazing accessories and of leggings. okay, i'm obsessed. the jeans are a wish-list item. i have one pair of maternity jeans, but i want to invest in another pair. motherhood has a great selection in-store and on-line. i am officially addicted to that store now--despite having a complete panic attack the first time i entered. now, it's welcomed ground.
  • i am loving that we have stopped procrastinating, and finally put a crib on layaway at toys-r-us. this is the lovely crib we chose (graco lauren crib). now, to finally find out the sex of this baby to finish the rest of the room.

  • i am loving this vintage picture circa 1990. loving the cherry jumper. :) no, really, i'm loving that soon i will have a little one that may resemble this picture.


  1. YAY for another mommy blog! I am loving looking at maternity clothes too! :)

  2. Stopped in from WILW. Oh my goodness you were a cutie! (slash I'm sure you still are :) And it's good to know there's cute maternity clothes out there! Happy Wednesday! :)