about this blog.

i'm jessica. i'm a 25 year old arkansan living in the great state of texas. i lived in searcy, arkansas practically my whole life until i moved here to texas with my husband a year ago to work for the river assembly of god as associate pastors/children's pastors/whatever you need us to do pastors.

i've been married to this wonderful man for almost two years (in MARCH!).

we have one very spoiled bulldog named mr. piper. we tend to call him a band of different pet names all of which he answers to. piper is mainly his name when he gets in trouble.

and the reason behind this blog in the first place is this soon-to-be-determined little person, BP (short for baby prichard).we have been praying for a while about having a baby,and here he/she is! BP will be born in june.

we have had one miscarriage, and the reason behind bustin' for a bump was to document the "trying" process along with weight loss to get to a healthy weight before pregnancy. however, God knows His timing before we do, so now we document the pregnancy process. :)