Tuesday, January 10, 2012

16 weeks and my look at pregnancy so far.

How far along? 16 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: not sure of a definite number, but i'm sure i've gained. we'll find out in 6 days.
Maternity clothes? wearing more maternity clothes--not because i have to but because they are so darn comfortable!
Stretch marks? no, but i'm getting the itching. i am not good at routines, so i don't always apply my lotion. 
Sleep: getting better as far as back problems. but, my 3 am wake-up call from my bladder is not helping.
Best moment this week: my mom and michael's mom coming down from arkansas!
Miss Anything? being energetic, snow cones (they are kinda too sweet now), and that's all.
Movement: i've felt the baby move once when i laid on my stomach. but, i'm still unsure if that was baby or other things.
Food cravings: still steak, baked potatoes, RANCH, and salads. I could literally drink the ranch. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: not much anymore. i only get queasy if i don't eat at certain times or dry mouth.
Have you started to show yet: yes, there is a little belly action poking out. 
Gender prediction: Boy
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: still cranky!
Looking forward to: my 16 week appointment on monday, finding out the sex of the baby in february, and definite movement!

Pregnancy is a humorous and wonderful stage of womanhood. I've never before experienced such an amazing, spiritual, and GROSS experience in my entire life. If you are trying to get pregnant, just know that worrying about it only makes it more impossible to do. It seemed like whenever I let go and gave it to God, I found myself sitting on the toilet with that positive pee-stick. I remember when I first found out I had a gob of emotions. We weren't even trying to get pregnant. In fact, we had discussed putting it off until the new year. I was excited and scared--mainly scared because of my past experience. I didn't have many symptoms in the first few weeks. In fact, when the doctor asked if I had been nauseated and I said no, he said to consider myself lucky or know that it was coming. He was right. 

When I saw and heard BP's heartbeat for the first time, I can't even describe the feeling that I had at that moment. It was breathtaking. I knew I loved that little baby even when it looked like a little gummy bear. I wasn't prepared to feel something like that, and sometimes I still struggle with that feeling. I have enjoyed every bout of morning sickness, feeling like I've peed my pants, and midnight trips to the bathroom. I am amazed by every ultrasound. In fact, I cannot wait for them. I get very anxious the night before just wondering how much BP has grown. The last ultrasound was amazing because when the tech zoomed in on BP's face, you could tell that he/she was going to have the signature Prichard lips. They all have big lips. I will do a blog later about the genetics of his side of the family. Its amazing. All the girls are BEAUTIFUL. 

I am so thankful that God granted me this amazing opportunity to be pregnant, to be a mother, and to raise this little person to be a servant to His kingdom. I pray every day the same prayer for our baby, and I can't wait until June to see this little person!

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