Thursday, March 17, 2011

the great baby mystery.

in the past month...
*a friend had a baby
* my cousin, candace, announced that she was pregnant to facebook
*two sundays in a row, someone (other than the two mentioned above) called to announce that they were pregnant

am i getting punked?


i have wondered if i am the only one from my class without a baby or one on the way. many of my former classmates have two or three. i haven't even started baking one. i was always the type to be perfectly content with being the "aunt". spoil them and send them home. :)

i never even considered the possibilities of having children until i was married and pregnant. actually, i usually stuck my fingers in my ears like a five year old whenever someone ever mentioned baby. but, after the miscarriage, i considered how great the job is of being a mother. i immediately became immersed in all things baby. well, really to the point of obsession. & just recently did i somewhat come out of that obsession being perfectly content with my quiet house and my dog.

i can't help but believe this may be some sort of sign. i know my God is always moving and always carrying out his plans even if it isn't our own. i've been prepping myself for some time for motherhood, and i can't wait until michael and i can officially call ourselves "mommy and daddy." but, don't think this blog means that we are actively pursuing this adventure in life. it just means that i have decided that it's not my time, but God's time.

& i still think i'm being punked by the stork.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Relay for Life

I am SOOOOOO excited to say that I am participating in Relay for Life this year in Burk. I am team captain for our church, and promoted the cause last weekend. Unexpectedly, I had 31 people sign up for this event! I was only expecting 10 to 15 at most, so I was super excited and surprised that so many members of our church decided to participate. So, I thought in today's blog, I would share a little about why I decided to participate in Relay for Life.

The reason I Relay.

 In September of 2008, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Small Bowel cancer and expected to live only a month more at last. She passed away in February of 2009. My grandmother was an amazing woman. She loved her children and grandchildren more than anything. She always came to every function and supported us in everything we pursued. She was an amazing Christian woman who always taught us to have good Christian values and the morals of excellent people.

I used to think my grandmother and I had nothing in common, but as I get older, I see a lot of resemblances in myself and her. I'm proud of that. :)