Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hello, diet and exercise. i haven't seen you in a while.

starting off, i have to say that i am extremely fortunate to have been placed with a job with the perk of a free gym. i've started a daily exercise routine by walking and running intervals on the treadmill. i have not exercised regularly since i was in college, and i was SO sore the first day. but, i am going again tonight with a few friends, so wish me luck!

my whole life i was the chubby kid. i have always been great at maintaining my weight. however when i lose weight, i tend to yo-yo and end up back where i started. when i was in college, i lost a LOT of weight by diet and exercise. i should be well equipped with knowledge for this journey, because it was my major in college for three years! lol. sometimes i used  EXTREME methods for diet and exercise, but nonetheless, i lost the weight. i am going to try to do that same type of diet and exercise regimen just not as extreme.

micahel and i announced that we needed prayer on sunday for this whole process. i think my friend, brittney, nearly peed her pants when she heard that we were ready to start preparing for a baby. she is more ready for it than we are! :) she just had her second child, sweet baby cohen, and we absolutely love big brother cooper! but, if you are reading this, please throw a quick prayer up for us. this is going to be a hard journey, but we are ready to take it.

" i know what i'm doing. i have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for." --jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, April 7, 2011

bustin' for a bump.

this time last year, i was finding out i was pregnant. i was outrageously scared and such a hypochondriac. michael and i ended up losing the pregnancy at nine weeks. our hearts were lost. ever since that moment, i have longed for a bump of my own. after many months of discussing the options, i finally came up with the perfect plan to finally get that bump.

i have always been the girl that it could never hurt to lose a few pounds. so, when i decided that i wanted to start trying for a baby again, i decided i couldn't really let myself do that until my body was in better shape to do so. now, i have a purpose to lose the weight and be healthy. i'm not doing it just for me, but for the child God has planned for me to have. hopefully, a little girl. :)

so, i'm doing it. i'm bustin' it for a bump. my goal is twenty pounds by fall. when said weight is dropped, i will be ready to start the journey to being a mother again.  i will dedicate all posts from here on out and renaming the blog to this very purpose. not only will this be about weight loss, but it will be about the preparation before the preparation to be a parent. all of the things it takes physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

starting weight: 170