Thursday, January 12, 2012

i confess-the first edition.

i confess... that i haven't been the best eater during this pregnancy! my #1 vice is KFC! i know, it's so BAD, but it's SO good. now, i'm not completely binging out on bad food, but i do have my days (*cough* main in a row *cough*) where i'm not very good.

i confess...that i need to start exercising more! i sometimes walk which is not enough. i'm sure i'm going to get in trouble when i go to the doctor on monday.

what are some of things that you are confessing?

i confess...that i've been slacking at home. it's so easy to get into the routine of going home and just going to bed. especially since i am tired all the time! but, i know i can't do this!!!

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