Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WILW: music edition.

i used to have such a profound love of music. i miss that. i had a song for everything!! so, i figured i would take time to share a few of my favorites that i will always be loving!

i will always be {loving}... n*sync's celebrity CD. the pop odyssey tour was the first REAL concert i had ever been to! justin timberlake was my justin bieber. seriously. i was obsessed! 

i will always be {loving}... this entire CD! i seriously played this so much that it scratched. but, alas, we have found each other again! 

i will always be {loving}... restless. this was the song to describe my entire teen years. i always was looking for something new.

i will always be {loving}... the beatles! i get so lost in their music. i am even going to make a playlist on my phone of beatles songs done by symphonies to play to BP. i hope he/she has a fine appreciation for music too.

i will always be {loving}... this entire CD is good but my favorite song is "light years away" by mozella. i used to be a tad bit emo, i know.

i will always be {loving}... i've got soul, but i'm not a soldier and smile like you mean it are my favorite lyrics of all time. i'm actually humming the tune right now.

i will always be {loving}... TAYLOR! i'll buy every CD this girl comes out with. her lyrics describe in detail many events of my life. that sounds just weird, but it's true. she's got a song for everything. 

what are some of your favorite songs/albums?

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