Saturday, January 7, 2012

new year's resolutions.

i know it's kind of late to be posting about new year's, but i am so excited about this year! well, everyone knows that we will be having our first baby in 2012! it is starting to become more real now. before, i felt like this pregnancy thing was nothing--i think mainly because we have lost a baby before. i haven't gotten too excited about the prospects of a little prichard running around our house, but now that i'm further is definitely becoming more real. the best/worst part is that in this last week, POOF! there is my belly. poking out proud for the world to see. it is sorta cute. :) i'm mainly excited about february! that's when we get to find out if baby p is a baby c.a.p. or a baby l.g.p. and most definitely looking forward to name reveal.

another thing about 2012 is that is has all the potential to be something great! we are having this new person in our lives, new beginnings, and a change. i am very apt to change--seeing that i moved eight hours away from home in the past year.

so, here's to 2012!

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