Thursday, September 22, 2011

wishes for twenty five.

WOW! i have not posted in a long time. i am sorry to all of you out there that actually read this. my life has been so hectic lately that blogging has been put on a back burner. hopefully when things slow down i will be able to do this thing properly and not like some crazy posts every other month.

i recently turned twenty-five. i can't believe it. it seems like yesterday i was turning sixteen. i was telling everyone that when i was fifteen i always talked about being twenty-five. i was going to get married by twenty-five. i was going to have a kid at twenty-five. i was going to basically rule the world at twenty-five. God sure does have other plans for us though. :) so, i thought since i made all these things i wanted to do when i was twenty-five when i was younger i would make a list of things i want to do this year that may actually be realistic.

here are some of my wishes for twenty-five.

one) grow closer with God.
two) grow closer to my husband.
three) have a baby by the end of twenty-five.
four) be a good role model for the girls i teach on wednesday nights.
five) teach my dog how to not be a brat.
six) get into our new church building and be successful.
seven) be successful at both of my jobs.
eight) make at least one new friend.
nine) start dressing like an adult.
ten) get more sleep.

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