Thursday, September 8, 2011

birthday fever!

i have such birthday fever right now! i am so excited for some reason that my birthday is around the corner. i have always been big on birthdays. i have been known to take a week off from work, have 3 parties for 1 birthday, and always lots of fabulous shoes are involved. its always funny how excited i am about birthdays. we had a rule in my house that you were not allowed to talk about your birthday until a month before simply for the fact that i would start talking about it the next day.

i will be 25, and sometimes i sit and wonder where did the time all go. it seems like yesterday i was graduating high school. i have certainly lived a full 25 years of life, and i don't regret one single bit of any of it. i don't ever think "if i could go back, things would be different." if we always went back, we would never go forward.

whenever someone doubts that God has a plan for them, i always tell them that i am a perfect example that God does have a plan for you. no matter how much you try to screw it up, He keeps you on the path you were meant to be on.

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