Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the bigger your hair, the closer to God.

the bigger your hair, the closer to God.

no. this isn't the state motto for texas. though it may be true.

but, i have learned that this is a way of thinking. i know. crazy right? that's what i thought until i started reading this book by sue buchanan. i was at mardel with the staff at church yesterday looking through the clearance rack when i came upon this beauty. now, i know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but i so did. i'm bad. i know.

i couldn't help but be drawn to this phrase though. i have heard it several times, and i have even been known to weaer my hair a little big every now and then. so, i read the back of the book--and this is what i came to see that i had to buy this book.

you know that big haired lady that is loud and proud in your church or work or life? she wears zebra and lime green--at the same time. she wears makeup to put the garbage out. she would not dare be seen at the grocery store with her slippers and sweats on. she speaks out on about everything. well, this book talks about how to channel her within you. God made us all different. He made us to be unique. He made us to be proud of ourselves. not to live ashamed of the person we really are.

this book stuck out to me, because i am constantly saying i'm not the girl i used to be. i am not as funny as i used to be. i'm not as confident as i used to be. i'm not as social as i used to be. i'm not as smart as i used to be. i'm not as organized as i used to be. i'm not as pretty as i used to be. but, here's the thing...i AM!! i still have all of those qualities in me that have just been hiding behind this layer of insecurity.

i'm ready to break loose! i'm ready to release that big haired lady inside of me. here i go! ready or not. :)

by the way, i'm only on chapter one...so if you need a boost of encouragement...READ THIS!

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