Tuesday, August 30, 2011

weekend of greats!

normally, being the old married woman i am, i have some of the most boring weekends consisting of cleaning and being lazy with my husband. but, this weekend was full of excitement!

first of all, one of my best friends from my hometown came to texas to visit family and made a pit-stop to see me! it was SO much fun to catch up and reminise about the old times. although, it did give me a revelation as to my addiction to diet soda (yes, i am VERY addicted to diet soda!). i have been drinking it since middle school! i had totally forgotten this. when i was in 6th or 7th grade, my mom took all the regular sodas out of our house and replaced it with diet. i was always a sprite drinker, so i was super sad to see it go. but, after a while, i adjusted to the taste of diet soda, and now i am a total addict! i will write a blog later about that. :) but, like all children with addictions, i will blame my mother!

saturday night, i went bowling with the worship team at church. i haven't bowled since my days at UCA, but i haven't gained any more skill with age. i even think some of the little kids were beating me! i was never very into learning all of that. i would rather shop.

sunday, our church had a prayer service at our new building. before the walls were put up, we all wrote scriptures on the frames. sunday night we wrote scriptures on the floor before the carpet was laid. i only wrote two scriptures for myself and michael (who was at work). they are for our future children. i wrote one for a girl and one for a boy. my children will be dedicated in that building. my children will run through the halls of that building. so my intention was to write them a verse so that they knew that before they were even born and while they were just a prayer, they're name was underneath that carpet on the foundation of the building. it was something special michael and i wanted to do. :)

well, that was my weekend. a lot of exciting things for me. i am going to do some more working out this week. i fell off the wagon with calorie counting, but i am just going to jump back on it this week!

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