Thursday, July 7, 2011

aspirations require inspiration.

first of all, let me admit that i am a television addict.

i watch it all. every sort of television you can imagine. wednesday afternoons (actually free afternoons in general) i tend to watch certain things. my latest television obsession were the old episodes of beverly hills 90210 on the soap network. but, now that i have seen every episode ever made, i had to find a new afternoon show to watch.

so, i surfed the channels yesterday to find the show "made" on mtv. normally this show is about the goth girl trying to become the homecoming queen. but, yesterday, it was about a young new mother who wanted to become more fit. as this girl was working out, it crossed my mind "if she can do it, i can do it."

i am not to a point in my life where this aspiration is impossible. there is nothing or anyone holding me back. i am my own biggest road-block/enemy.

believe it or not, i have not always been this way. i used to be very fit. i used to run, and enjoy it. i used to eat well, and enjoy it. i used to fit into all my clothes with no problem, and i really enjoyed it. :)

so i am inspired now to do something differently. i have been writing about it for months, talking about it for years, and finally it is time to do something about it. aspirations require inspiration, and here is mine:

some of my pledge sisters in fall of '06.
winter of '06.

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