Thursday, June 30, 2011

what's in a name?

i used to watch this show on the bravo channel called "pregnant in heels." the show is about pregnancy concierge, rosie pope, and her millionaire clients. one show struck out to me in particular. a couple who was in the advertising and branding business wanted to give their baby boy a "brand" for life with his name. they even hired a focus group to decide on the name of their unborn son. i immediately thought, "these people are too crazy!". but, i did agree with one concept of their whole crazy idea of "branding" their child. a name is VERY important to a child. i mean, after all, that is the name they are going to live with, be adults like you and me with, and grow old with.

in the bible, people didn't name their children based on what was cute at the time. they named their children with meaning. asher, the 8th son of jacob, was named because his mother was happy to have another child. asher is translated to "happy" or "blessed". each of their children had meaning to their name.

i pulled some of the more popular names from, names from my friends on facebook, and some personal favorites to show the importance of the meaning of a child's name.

boys:                                                                 girls:
aiden:"little fire"                                             addison:"child of adam"

austin:"great"                                                 bailey:"baliff, steward"  

bentley:"from the bent grass field"                 *blaire:"field or plain"    

*beckham:"from the beck homestead"           brooklyn:"new york borough"  
caleb:"whole-hearted"                                   chloe:"verdant and blooming"   
cayden:"fighter"                                            hannah:"grace"           

cohen:"priest"                                               haylyn:"unique and special" 

connor:"wolf lover"                                       isabella:"God is my oath"   

cooper:"barrel maker"                                   kinsey:"king's victory"

gabriel:"God is my strength"                         molly:"of the sea or bitter"
grayson:"son of the grey-haired one"             natalie:"born on Christmas"    
jagger:"carter/peddlar"                                 *olivia/alyvia:"elf army"    
jackson/jaxon:"son of jack"                           sophia:"wisdom"

jonah:"dove"                                                 tessa:"harvester"

noah:"rest/peace"                                          tristan:"tumalt"    
zane:"God is gracious"                                  zoe/zoey:"life"                   

is your child's name on here? are you surprised by the meaning? tell me about some of the names you have either picked out or have for your children and what you were thinking when you picked them out! i would love to know!

*: this was our baby names picked out for our little ones in heaven.
**footnote: our names we have picked out now are not on this list. we are keeping these top-secret until they are ready to be revealed.**

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