Thursday, July 14, 2011

the good, good life.

i always want to do "what i'm loving wednesday" but i never get around to it. so, i promise i'm going to do it THIS COMING WEEK! but, i thought i would still give some things that i'm loving this thursday. :)

i am loving...that i'm getting my hair done on friday. if you are a newlywed, then you understand what a luxury this has become. i always find it funny because in high school (when my parents paid for everything) getting my hair done every two months was no big deal. now, i go several months without getting it done and i'm starting to feel the itch! i am getting it trimmed because i've been growing it out. i always go through this round of growing it out and chopping it off. but, here's what i think i'm going for at this next trip:

the newest trend is feather extensions...which i'm getting!

i really love platinum highlights. i always feel best blonder in the summer.

i'm loving....that i'm going shopping on saturday with the ladies from the church in grapevine! i haven't been there since high school! my mom would always take business trips to dallas and tag me along with her. of course the lure of me going was shopping! now, friends in arkansas, i used to take forever 21 for granted, but, don't! they don't have in our mall and i MISS it! grapevine has it though! :) here's some stores i'm looking forward to hitting:

i am loving....that i get to see this guy perform on tuesday! & the others, but mostly this guy. :))


so that is currently what i am loving about everything this very moment. :)

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