Tuesday, June 28, 2011

baby essentials.

'tis the season...to shop for the fall baby. i have lots of little october and november babies to shop for and all boys!! i always thought it was more fun to shop for girls, but after browsing through some of the sales for my moms-to-be and their sweet angels on the way, i have found that boys can be just as stylish as little girls. :) so, you may say that my mind has been changed about the narrow path of only having a girl.

here are some awesome deals and gadgets that i have found for the fall baby:

mamaroo bouncer
so, at $199 this is not a bargain, but it is really awesome!
it's compatible to any mp3 player and plays sounds to soothe your baby!

children's place has some awesome deals right now on fall clothes. the jeans were $5.99! the polo is $4.49 and the cute little plaid shirt is $4.99. you have two adorable outfits for your little man for under $20.

this outfit for your little prince is under $10. the shirt is $3.99 and the cute shorts are $5.99. he'll look like a little man! 

i've had more fun shopping for these little boys than i thought i would. :) 

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