Tuesday, May 17, 2011

calorie counting & zumba.

i LOVE zumba! it's probably one of the best workouts i have tried. they offered zumba at searcy fitness center, but i have always been afraid to try it. mostly for the fear of looking really dumb and out of shape. however, my mom bought the at-home zumba dvd package and gave me a few of the discs.

the first try: the first 10 minutes kicked my butt!

the second try: i didn't even get through the first 10 minutes! :(

the third try: i'm working up to doing to the full routine in 10 minute intervals. :)

maybe i will be a zumba-doing fool before too long, and hopefully shed some of this unwanted weight!

i've JUST started calorie counting again. i'm only trying to consume 1,200 calories a day. this is the average amount of calories that a person my size and my activity level needs to consume a day to maintain weight. i have done this in the past, and lost almost 20 lbs. i gave up on it because i became entirely too obsessed with it...almost to the point of dropping caloric intake to 700 calories a day. so, please keep me in your prayers that this past demon does not creep up on me again. i know it's risky to be calorie counting again given my past with it, but i have decided that when God is in control, it gives me the power to be in control.

i've been keeping a food journal for a day now. it is amazing how much it helps to write it down! this gets me in the habit of checking nutrition labels and ultimately, really keeping an eye on how much i am putting into my body.

well, that's all for today. :)

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