Thursday, May 19, 2011

caution: busy weekend ahead!

wow, i can't believe it is already time for relay for life!

i'm going to take time to brag about my teammates for a minute. this is the first year our church has participated in relay for life, and we have already kicked it out of the park! we raised over $1,000 to donate to the American Cancer Society and have 25 partipants signed up! it will be a truely amazing event, and we will make it even better next year! pics to come!

with relay for life this weekend, i am going to be extremely busy! if you know me though, i would not have it any other way. i'd rather be busy than just sitting around--although i like to do that too. :) busy weekends do not prove to be very nutritionally friendly. when we get busy, we tend to eat out a lot. not a good eating out either where there are healthier choices. i mean downright evil BADDDDD eating out. so, i am going to have to be extra cautious of that this weekend.

so far, the calorie counting has been working. it has made more aware of the things i am putting into my body and consuming a day. by just cutting back to 1,200 calories, i can already tell a difference in the way my body is starting to change.

i can't say the same for zumba though. because this week has been slammed with craziness, i have not been very good at keeping up with exercising. the good thing is that i will get plenty of walking time at relay this weekend, so maybe i can catch up on my many days missed of zumba.

michael and i have been very blessed to be able to start paying off some of our debt. so, hopefully when baby prichard comes into the world, they don't have to suffer the consequences of mommy's bad shopping habit and daddy's student loans.

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