Wednesday, March 14, 2012

what i'm loving wednesday: anniversary edition.

i've been married for two years! well, yesterday was my anniversary. most people don't think is cause to celebrate but considering most of the people in my generation barely make it past the first year, i would say i've done pretty well. :) so, i thought to celebrate i would share some of my favorite things and memories from that day....what i was loving you can say. :)

* i absolutely love my engagement and wedding band. i'm sorta sad right now because the engagement ring doesn't fit my fat fingers anymore after pregnancy. that's okay. one day!

* i love that i had original ideas for my wedding. i was very clear i wanted it to be different. from the feather topiaries (above picture) to lady gaga being played during the wedding. i had a very unique wedding.

* i love my cousins. these are just three of us out of the five, but it's amazing to see us all grow up. it seems like only yesterday i was 5 years old holding chelsea like a baby doll.

* i love being a prichard. here's the immediate part of my prichard gang...although there are many more.  i love being an aunt, too! dream come true. but these girls make it easy.

* here' s a picture of me & my dad. i love that necklace. it was passed on to me for my wedding day  in memory of my grandma.

* i love this girl. i haven't kept in touch since marriage, so we've been off the wagon lately. but ,she was my maid of honor. she has been my best friend since the sixth grade. not many people find friendships that last that long...but i've been fortunate to keep a majority of mine.

* i love this picture of me & my mom. :)

* i am a total grandpa's girl. i LOVE my grandpa! he's probably the best grandpa a girl could ask for.

* of course, i love this man. :)
* and lastly, i loved my flowers. they were all me. :)

i can say that it has been a challenging two years, but some of the best years of my life so far. i know we have so much more to look forward to with our precious little girl coming into the world. here's to many more years with a great husband!

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