Friday, January 27, 2012

name reveal.

since my next doctor's appointment is in two weeks to reveal the gender of my unborn child, i thought i'd FINALLY share our two names we have picked. now, these names are in concrete....literally. if you've read my previous blogs, you know that when our church was still in its building process we wrote on the floors of the sanctuary--favorite scriptures, unsaved loved ones, etc. i wrote two scriptures for my unborn children who at that moment in time were just a prayer and put their initials underneath. so, if you don't like these names...well too bad. :) so, here we are! NAME REVEAL! *dum dum dum*** that was a drumroll. lol.

"lila grace" means "you are mine by the grace of God." very fitting for this baby. :) we also picked this name after this girl on friday night lights--the hub's favorite show.

colton has no special meaning besides being named after hub's favorite football player, formally a texas longhorn now a cleaveland brown, colt mccoy. and yes...we do plan on calling him colt.

asher is from the bible. it means "blessed."

so, i would love some feedback on what you think about BP's potential name. and what do you think the sex of the baby is going to be? 

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