Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tuesday stats! :)

okay, so i have to say that i am SUPER proud of myself for last week. kudos to me. :) but, i also have to say that whatever i did last week probably unraveled over the weekend.

saturday, i had some super good-for-you sushi. i LOVE sushi, and thank goodness that texas loves it too. you can even buy it at the supermarket! market place makes some of their sushi with the healthier alternative of brown rice, so i wasn't consuming so much bad carbs...;) sunday, we ate out with some friends and church family at the feedlot, which is at it sounds...VERY BAD! :) but i managed to get grilled chicken. it may not have helped that i topped it with cheese. i have a thing for cheese and chicken. i think it developed from my days as a waitress at colton's. & monday, i was super bad. i went to have lunch with a friend at chili's. i splurged on spinich and artichoke dip. YUM. then, later that night, i ate movie popcorn and drank a frozen coke. granted that i didn't eat anything but that, i still felt bad. :) but, every day is a new day for a new beginning. so, here i am back on tuesday ready to conquer the rest of the week.

here are my stats for this week. i usually post these on monday, but if you had been around yesterday, you would understand why i didn't post them. :)

weight: 178 (2 lb weight loss!)
i walked: 2 miles on the treadmill in 30 min!
zumba: 15 min (still.)

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