Monday, August 8, 2011

monday stats. :)

happy monday everybody! i hope everyone had as great of a weekend as i had.

so, i weighed myself last friday and i weigh a whopping 180. ick. not anywhere near what i wanted to be by this point. actually, i gained five pounds. GROSS! so, i decided to kick things up a notch, continue educating myself, and so forth. it takes 9 months to have a baby, and i'm for sure it's gonna take me 9 months to plan to have a baby. :)

i'm starting out by exercising every morning at 6 am. last week was the intentional week that i had planned on beginning, but it was such an odd week that i only ended up being able to work out on friday evening. i did however invest in some good products to eat, so we will see how good that turns out.

so, here are some stats to see where i am currently at:

weight: 180 on august 5, 2011
goal weight: 160 by october 10, 2011

i can...
walk a mile in: 20 min
do zumba for: 15 min
drink: 1 glass of water (the goal is to make that more and drink less diet soda)

did you know?!?!?
that drinking caffine cuts off circulation in the blood stream. which means for women who are trying to conceive it cuts off ciruclation to your uterus which makes it more difficult to get pregnant.
what i've learned about children so far:
i've become very skilled at the "mom voice" from my everyday dealings with children. the calmer and more serious your voice sounds, the better. children will respond better to this type of voice rather than yelling.

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