Thursday, March 17, 2011

the great baby mystery.

in the past month...
*a friend had a baby
* my cousin, candace, announced that she was pregnant to facebook
*two sundays in a row, someone (other than the two mentioned above) called to announce that they were pregnant

am i getting punked?


i have wondered if i am the only one from my class without a baby or one on the way. many of my former classmates have two or three. i haven't even started baking one. i was always the type to be perfectly content with being the "aunt". spoil them and send them home. :)

i never even considered the possibilities of having children until i was married and pregnant. actually, i usually stuck my fingers in my ears like a five year old whenever someone ever mentioned baby. but, after the miscarriage, i considered how great the job is of being a mother. i immediately became immersed in all things baby. well, really to the point of obsession. & just recently did i somewhat come out of that obsession being perfectly content with my quiet house and my dog.

i can't help but believe this may be some sort of sign. i know my God is always moving and always carrying out his plans even if it isn't our own. i've been prepping myself for some time for motherhood, and i can't wait until michael and i can officially call ourselves "mommy and daddy." but, don't think this blog means that we are actively pursuing this adventure in life. it just means that i have decided that it's not my time, but God's time.

& i still think i'm being punked by the stork.

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