Thursday, February 24, 2011

my so-called life.

hello blogging world. it has been years since we last saw each other.

i decided to start blogging again for many reasons, but the main one being as a ministeral (is that even a word?) tool and to just let everyone know my everyday life here in burkburnett, texas.

a little about me:

i'm a twenty-four year old living in burkburnett, texas with my wonderful husband, michael, and our dog, piper. :)

 i'm orginally from searcy, arkansas. we moved to burkburnett to be apart of the ministry team at first assembly of God. currently, we are working with the children's church...which needless to say has been very interesting thus far.

my husband and i have only been married a year. we have no children, but did suffer a miscarriage very early in our marriage.

i work at burkburnett library. most people may think that working at the library could be a very boring job, but with the citizens of is anything but boring most of the time! i love my job though and it was truly God given.

i am a total girly girl. i like all things girly including pink, shopping, and zebra print. my husband may soon put me on my strange addiction for zebra print and my abnormal love for heating pads.

so, here's the kickoff of my new blog.

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  1. yay!!! i'm so happy you started a blog. you have such a gift with words and such funny stories :) ~Micah